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What Patients & Doctors Say About Us

Keith Faquin …. From Charlotte states, “I believe Dr. Layton is the best dentist in Charlotte .  When he works on my teeth its pain free, I do not even feel the injections when I need novacaine. Dr. Layton’s bedside manner is better than any I’ve experienced.  He is very kind and compassionate person.

Martha Worthan …. From Charlotte says, “Dr. Layton is very gentle with shots, I felt no pain.”  Before seeing Dr. Layton I would tear up every time I had to get numb.  Now that I see Dr. Layton the shots are much easier.

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Vivian Coleman …. From Charlotte “I have been seeing Dr. Layton and his staff for my dental needs for four years.  He and his staff always provide quality service.  They are very professional, personable and patient.  I feel very comfortable under their care, as they always take the time to explain the procedures.  I would and have recommended Dr. Layton to my family and friends.

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Toni Kendrick ….  From Charlotte ….  I want to say, “thank you” once again for the wonderful care I receive whenever I come to your office.  I very much appreciate the excellence and “cutting edge” technology which provides pain-free care and beautiful dental work.  “I don’t mean to gush or embarrass you, but I can’t just casually say thanks and that be sufficient.  Please pass on my compliments to your entire staff and keep up the good work.  Thanks again.


J.D. DuPuy ….  From Charlotte ….  You would be hard pressed to find a group of more dedicated,  friendly, and knowledgeable personnel than than at the office of Dr. Layton.  I am constantly impressed, not only with the level of service provided from a medical standpoint,  but by the staff’s willingness to go above and beyond to ensure that I stay as comfortable and relaxed as possible during appointments.  Many of the employess have worked at the office for a number of years,  a fact that not only speaks volumes about the internal work environment,  but results in a level of familiarity and consistency for the patient that is both rare and welcome.

Betty Scott Smith ….   I think that Dr. Layton is an excellent dentist and I am very glad to have had my hygeniest for many years.

Nigel MacEwan….  From Charlotte ….  I have been a patient of Dr. Laytons for many years , and remain impressed with the dental services I receive each visit.  Dr. Layton and his staff are always personable and professional, amd eager to answer any question I may have.  This is truly a dental office that I have great confidence in,  and I would recommend to anyone seeking the best in dental care.  I am most pleased with both the dental work received, as well as my entire experience,  in using the dental services provided by Dr. Layton and his staff. 

Alvin E. Levine ….  From Matthews …. Dentistry at Dr. Layton’s office has always been a painless experience.  His injections are not even felt – no pain at all !!  Quality Dentistry in a pleasant atmosphere.  The staff is exceptional, pleasant and accomodation.  This speaks well of a Dentist who has very little turn over in staff.  Most of the staff has been there the last 19 years I have been going to Dr. Layton’s office.  I have always found my experience with Dr. layton and his staff to be professional and the work performed to be of the highest quality.

Michael Sopar ….  From Charlotte ….  I appreciate the efficiency of the office in reminding me of my appointments. The waiting time is short.  My hygenists are friendly, well-trained and careful to cause minimal discomfort.  The office is clean and attractive.  The front office staff are friendly, well-trained and competent. The overall satisfaction is high. “ keep up the good work and high standards”  The services have always taken care of  the problem with the least possible pain.  Appointments usually can be made in reasonable time.

Dentist Recommendations

Over the years we have collaborated with you to save and restore numerous teeth and improve the oral health of countless patients. If has been our privilege to be able to work with you and improve the quality of life for so many.

Any success this practice has enjoyed throughout the years is attributable to good referring dentists such as you, and is a direct reflection of your high quality work and integrity. Often when we discuss cases or situations amongst ourselves, we will refer to patients as “Layton patient”, and each of us knows what that entails – a good tooth, an informed patient, and a solid treatment plan. For you this is nothing new, but we want to reiterate our high regard for, and our loyalty to you, you and your staff.

We feel truly fortunate fortunate for our rapport with your office, and continually are indebted to you and calling on us. We hope to sustain your good graces for years to come, and are eager to help with your patients in any way possible.

Thank you so much for all you’ve contributed to this practice.

Drs. Camp, Myers, Wheeler, Miller, Bryson, and Schnook

To Whom It May Concern:

As a Charlotte orthodontist with over seventeen years experience, I believe that I am uniquely qualified that to assess the skills and quality of the dentists in our community. Since my patients come from many dental practices throughout the area, I am able to view and evaluate the quality of dental services that were provided to them by their general dentist. In addition, I receive a tremendous amount of feedback from my patients regarding their experiences and opinions of their dentists. Last, I interact and maintain a professional a professional relationship with these same dentists.

Based upon my experience, I can say with out hesitation, that Dr Thomas Layton is one of the finest dentists in the Charlotte community. His clinical skills and expertise assure that his patients receive the finest dental care. With the help of a friendly and compassionate staff, Dr Layton provides their patients with a warm and caring dental experience. By incorporating the latest dental technology and with a commitment to continuing education, Dr Layton’s office ensures that their patients receive the best that modern dentistry can offer.

It gives me great pleasure to enthusiastically endorse and recommend Dr. Thomas Layton.

Sincerely yours,

Dr Gregory F. Valeriano, Orthodontic Specialist

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