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Dr. Thomas Layton’s Story

I became interested in Dentistry at an early age. I had always wanted to be in medical field as I child because I looked up to doctors. I never wanted to follow my father into law because I saw that as mainly a desk job dealing with a lot of research and arguing cases. I wanted a job that allowed me freedom from a desk with the main goal of helping people improve their health. It was when I had braces placed that Dentistry first interested me. The idea of owning small business while still being in the healthcare profession sounded good to me. This early intuition took me all the way to dental school where I discovered bending wires, moving teeth, and working mostly on children was not for me. I was more interested in reconstruction and rehabilitation of mouths. I enjoyed the cosmetic part of dentistry as well as taking a debilitated mouth and creating something new, beautiful, and comfortable for the patient. General Dentistry allows me to do just that. After fourteen years I can truly say that the Dentistry produced in this practice is second to none and that my constant desire to improve makes all the difference in the excellent results our patients receive continually.

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